Anthony Bennett

‘The what works website will turn into a national treasure, a repository of knowledge in relation to Indigenous education and boarding, but it will only do that if everybody is willing and able to contribute’, so said the Chair of Indigenous Education and Boarding Australia, Mr Anthony Bennett

Mr Bennett was speaking at the conclusion of the 5th National Indigenous Education & Boarding Symposium held on Worimi Country (Newcastle) from 15-17 June.

The Symposium was themed around ‘What Works’ and saw the launch of the website The website was the outcome of an IEBA project, What Works to support Indigenous Students – Guidance for Boarding Schools, funded by the National Indigenous Australians Agency.

‘The website is an absolutely wonderful opportunity to capture the voices of every single person involved, in particular Indigenous voice’, Mr Bennett added in emphasising that the website is an open platform for everyone to contribute to the knowledge of ‘what works’.

‘The gap in Indigenous education is substantial and the what works website is a wonderful tool to be able to close the gap in coming years’, stated Mr Bennett in expressing his hopes for the impact of the what works website.

You are invited to contribute your stories, resources, tools and know how to the repository of what works knowledge by visiting the website