The 2024 ABSTUDY rate for secondary students has been released and a copy is attached. You may notice that the payment rates have increased quite significantly in comparison to previous years. This is because ABSTUDY boarding students were also the beneficiary of the Working Age and Student Payment increase as well as Rent Assistance increases from 20 September 2023 (Easing cost of living pressures for around two million Australians | Department of Social Services Ministers (

These ad-hoc increases to payments, as well as the indexation of Living Allowance and School Fees Allowance on 1 January 2024, has meant that ABSTUDY entitlements have increased by $3,431.21 since 1 January 2023.

An IEBA Members briefing and Q&A with ABSTUDY staff will be organised for late January and an invitation will be sent to you to join online.

Download Rates from What Works website.