All principals and deputies with leadership responsibility for Indigenous boarding, Heads of Boarding, as well as bursars, finance officers and other administrative staff with ABSTUDY responsibilities will benefit through a better understanding of ABSTUDY and improve the outcomes of boarding students from Indigenous families.

Below are some resources that will be of assistance. If you require more information IEBA hold workshops, in person and online, that provides the understanding of ABSTUDY systems to allow schools to implement good ABSTUDY practices and develop the knowledge to receive their maximum ABSTUDY entitlements.

To book a workshop for your staff or register for the next ABSTUDY Workshop email

ABSTUDY Policy Manual

ABSTUDY 2022 Rates – Fact Sheets (as at 1 Jan, 2022)
Secondary Students
Tertiary Students


ABSTUDY Policy Manual April 2019

  1. Background to ABSTUDY
  2. Setting Fees & ABSTUDY-Boarding Schools
  3. Setting Fees & ABSTUDY-stand alone Boarding Providers
  4. Tax File Number
  5. Post-secondary study
  6. Travel Overview
  7. Travel start and end study period
  8. Travel during the year
  9. Safe travel plan guidelines
  10. ABSTUDY Scholarships – Getting a scholarship approved for ABSTUDY purposes
  11. TFN Application