Investing in outcomes

The National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) has released the review undertaken into the investment in support for Indigenous secondary boarding by Grant Thornton Australia. Following the Study Away Review the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet requested an independent analysis of the existing investment in support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students attending […]

Improved interior design has potential to increase students’ sense of belonging

Research being undertaken by PhD candidate Emma Whettingsteel explores how student housing design can create a better sense of belonging for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boarders leading to enhanced student wellbeing and education outcomes. The Interior Architecture student moved to Perth to study when she was 17. She lived on campus for two years […]

Resilience research brings students, schools and communities together in Cairns

The resilience research project is focused on supporting the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The National Health and Medical Research Council funded a 5-year research partnership between Central Queensland University (CQU), Queensland Department of Education’s Transition Support Services (TSS) and 17 boarding schools across Queensland. The project aims to connect boarding school […]

The quest for better educational outcomes for remote First Nations students

For a long time, educators have bemoaned the ‘poor’ outcomes of education for remote First Nations students. Setting aside what ‘poor’ means, there is a lot of research that helps us understand how outcomes can be improved. First though, we need to reconsider what success looks like for remote students. The research suggests that Year […]

Study Away Review

Review of Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Secondary Students Studying Away from Home Many of us are familiar with issues facing our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students, their families and communities in studying away from home. This review offers a sound analysis of these issues providing data and suggestions – and […]