Ḏawurr Boarding is attached to Nhulunbuy High School and caters for around 40 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Ḏawurr, named after the honey bee, was named by the Rirratjingu clan group who are the traditional owners of the land that the residence is built on.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and for our boarders this could not be more true.

Many have travelled far from home to get an education that their families believe will better prepare them for their future, a future traversing two worlds.

It’s a big decision to send your children away and to trust others to provide them with the love and support of a family.

When the students leave Ḏawurr Boarding every morning they are heading to a school that is very different from anything they have known. Its support is instrumental in ensuring that family hopes become realities.

The role that Clontarf Foundation (for young men) and Stars Foundation (for young women) play in the lives of the boarders has been monumental.

Both Foundations work hand-in-hand with Ḏawurr boarding staff to support the students’emotional, social and educational development.

They help run after-school activities and homework sessions for the boarders and take them on camps.

This became overwhelmingly apparent on awards night.

As Nhulunbuy High School staff and family and community members gathered to celebrate the successes of the students in these programs, it was impossible not to be impressed by the achievements of all the students involved.

As the Ḏawurr staff looked on, our very own Michael Raymond dazzled the crowd with his Master of Ceremony skills; and we were overcome with pride to see how many of the boarders took out prestigious awards.

Clontarf Foundation awarded:

Stars Foundation awarded:

It was a great way to celebrate what was achieved in 2018.

Special thanks to the hard-working staff at ḎawurrBoarding, Clontarf and Stars Foundation.

They have been integral to helping our students achieve outcomes that their families can be proud of.


Emma Hegerty, Deputy Head of Boarding Ḏawurr boarding