Exceptional Cultural Connection by a Boarding School or Residence

Sponsored by Aboriginal Hostels Limited

Guildford Grammar School, WA

Guildford Grammar School has developed a high expectations program to achieve personal excellence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students amongst a range of school-wide cultural programs.

Since 2004, an Aboriginal Coordinator has been employed to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content in school curriculum and provide a culturally aware and sensitive school environment.

The aim is to increase the retention of students and ensure that the pastoral care, both within and after school hours, is culturally sound.

Andrew Beck, Indigenous Program Coordinator, Guildford Grammar School, WA with Samantha Simmons, Manager Education, Aboriginal Hostels Limited.

‘I was absolutely stoked our school was named winner for the work we do in this space,’ says Indigenous Program Coordinator, Andrew Beck.

‘There were so many deserving winners. I feel really honoured.’

‘We are at the forefront of making change in young people’s lives and it is a blessing to be able to do this on a daily basis,’ Beck says.

In 2015, new Preparatory School wings were opened, named the Joobaitch, Monop and Woolba Wings.

Each section is named after one of three Nyoongar men who were significant Aboriginal leaders with strong connections to the land on which the school stands and the surrounding districts and country areas.

This helps students to recognise and remember the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture both in the past and present.