With a focus on student boarding The Australian and International Journal for Rural Education (AIJRE) Vol 30 No 2 (2020) has a few interesting recent articles included on Indigenous student boarding:

A STEP-UP Resilience Intervention for Supporting Indigenous Students Attending Boarding Schools (Rutherford et al) describes the development and implementation of a two-year STEP-UP intervention with boarding schools, designed to create supportive environments for improving psychosocial resilience and wellbeing of remote-living Indigenous students: Read article

Curtin University PhD candidate, Emma Whettingsteel, has published on how the physical design of boarding schools can affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples sense of belonging while away from home: Read article

John Guenther, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, and Sam Osborne, University of South Australia, have published an interesting article on Choice-less Choice for Rural Boarding Students and their Families: Read article

The subject of a recent Getting to Know the Indigenous Boarding Sector webinar, Andrew Lloyd’s research into the effective partnership practices between an interstate boarding school community and a very remote Aboriginal Community: Read article