A Framework for Education and Boarding Providers

Standards are fundamental to quality and safety for Indigenous students. Whilst the boarding sector generally provides a caring stable environment, surprisingly since the call for a cultural standard was made by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs in 2017, there is still no such standard.

For young Indigenous people living in regional and remote Australia there are few education options other than to leave their family and country to become boarding students in unfamiliar cities large distances from home. For most, boarding is their only access to secondary education.

An Indigenous Cultural Competency Standard will provide guidance for education and boarding providers as well as assure Indigenous families that their children are receiving culturally safe boarding practices, specific health and well-being needs are being addressed, support good parent and community engagement and importantly will boost retention and academic outcomes for Indigenous students.

Indigenous Education & Boarding Australia are seeking funding to pilot the standard with a view to national implementation in 2023 supported by resources and training to assist boarding provider implement the standard in their setting. It is expected that compliance will initially be voluntary with a view to national certification of compliance.

Working Draft Standards
The following are the draft standards revised after feedback from the 2021 Symposium:

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