The staff at St John’s College boarding house, which provides for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and overseas students, combines high expectations with high levels of support.

Director of Boarding, Scott Mannion says the secret to #StrongTogether is a genuine, positive relationship with a student and their family.

‘A great relationship and mutual expectations between school, student and family is key,’ says Mannion.

‘It ensures that we gain a good understanding of their needs and the best approach in providing support.

‘Without a great relationship, support mechanisms won’t work.’

‘We have ‘inclusion’ support staff that work with any students that need support in the classroom.’

‘We also work hard at recording data on students with learning difficulties to access more resources to support them,’ Mannion says.

Scott Mannion and students at the annual swimming carnival wearing the Burford House team colours.

Student health and wellbeing is supported by a registered nurse at the St John’s College health centre and part-time counselling services through Catholic Care Northern Territory.

Boarding house staff also liaise with general practitioners, the Danila Dilbahealth service and Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

School leadership, boarding, pastoral care and teaching staff form St John’s College senior leadership team.

This well-balanced, overarching team leads and informs whole-school practice.

‘Our focus on relationships, needs, student wellbeing and shared expectations is what makes us #StrongTogether.’

Written by Rachael Hakim