AIATSIS map with dots

From its inception, IEBA has been committed to creating opportunities for the parents of Indigenous boarding students to have a representative voice. This was reinforced in consultations for the What Works project, in which building Indigenous student voice and Indigenous staff voice were highlighted as important areas of reform.

IEBA have proposed to develop from 2023 to 2025 a national network based on the Uluru Statement from the Heart based local, regional, and national voice.
• The local networks will support parents and students to engage with their schools or residence.
• The regional networks will enable parents, students and staff to share their knowledge and address issues relevant to their region.
• The national network will also provide future strategic direction to Closing the Gap and education policy to support positive outcomes for their children.

The Indigenous Voices in Boarding Network will support participation by parents in supporting their children’s education – a key element in academic success.