For boarding schools the challenge of knowing what works to support their Indigenous students will be made easier with the launch of a new website IndigenousBoarding.AU.

‘With the number of boarding schools hosting Indigenous students growing rapidly over the past decade, good practices guidance is needed if the education gap is to be closed,’ said Greg Franks, CEO of Indigenous Education & Boarding Australia, ‘This is particularly required to help students from regional and remote communities succeed.’

The ‘What Works’ website will provide access to guidance resources for boarding schools covering a broad range of topics highlighting good practice from the first conversation between the school and the family, through the students first day to their journey beyond school.

The website will be launched at the 2022 National Indigenous Education & Boarding Symposium to be held from 15-17 June at the Murrook Culture Centre, Williamtown (Newcastle) NSW. Watch the pre-launch video below.