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ABSTUDY Workshops
Let’s face it ABSTUDY is complex. However, the more you know about ABSTUDY the better the outcomes for Indigenous students, their parents and you will provide better support your staff.

IEBA hold workshops, in person and online, that help you develop a better understanding of ABSTUDY systems, implement good ABSTUDY practices and develop the knowledge to receive your maximum ABSTUDY entitlements.

These workshops are a must attend events for all boarding schools and residences receiving ABSTUDY payments to support their Indigenous boarding students. By improving your internal systems for managing ABSTUDY boarding schools and residences will be better able to ensure that funding is effectively utilised and improve the outcomes of boarding students from Indigenous families.

Tailored workshops are available for booking by contacting the CEO by calling 1300 378 416.

All principals and deputies with leadership responsibility for Indigenous boarding, Heads of Boarding, as well as bursars, finance officers, travel coordinators and other administrative staff with ABSTUDY responsibilities will benefit through a better understanding of ABSTUDY and improve the outcomes of boarding students from Indigenous families.

To book a workshop for your staff or register for the next ABSTUDY Workshop email events@ieba.com.au

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Cultural Competency
Indigenous Education and Boarding Australia in partnership with the University of Sydney National Centre for Cultural Competence has designed workshops to support school and boarding staff and leaders to develop their capability, capacity and resilience for culturally competent leadership.

The highly interactive workshops support you to engage meaningfully and deepen connections between leadership, cultural competence, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contexts.

To book a workshop for your staff or register for the next Cultural Competence Workshop email events@ieba.com.au or subscribe to our newsletter below.

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University Residential Colleges First Nations Forum

All universities provide financial assistance and scholarships targeted towards indigenous students. Some colleges such as Trinity College at the University of Melbourne and St Catherine’s College at the University of Western Australia have established successful residential programs to assist indigenous students with educational opportunities. Through the consultation phase to prepare the profiles, it was identified that there may be opportunities to encourage more indigenous students to choose student accommodation though the expansion of these programs to help indigenous students feel at home in purpose built student accommodation. Regional Student Accommodation Assessment Feb 2018

Indigenous Education & Boarding Australia hosts quarterly online forums to discuss issues of interest and share best practice to improve engagement, retention and outcomes for First Nations university students.

This first forum held in late 2021 include a session on ABSTUDY. You can listen to the presentation in the Recordings. You can also Download the pdf version of ABSTUDY Assistance for Tertiary Students PowerPoint Presentation.

A national conference is in planning for late 2022.

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